MIT Class of 2002 Peace Garden

The Class of 2002 Peace Garden, our Senior Gift Class Project, was completed on June 10, 2011. It is located in the space between buildings 16, 26 and the Stata Center (behind 26-100). 

If you’re walking down the infinite corridor, make a left in building 8, walk down the stairs to building 16, exit building 16 towards the Stata Center and you’ll see if behind 26-100.

High resolution photos of the completed Peace Garden will be added in the future.

Until then, here are a few small images (click on them to view larger high resolution images) of the Peace Garden during the construction process and some info about the elements of our Peace Garden: 

  • Great Dome Limestone: we were able to secure limestone from the Great Dome (all of its stones were replaced in 2010 because of leaks). Great Dome limestone was used for the benches, the pavers on the ground, and an active fountain. We are excited to re-use materials that have such meaning and significance.
  • Steel Plaque: A steel plaque has been placed in the garden, telling visitors about our gift. It says, “The Class of 2002 Peace Garden – A wish for peace from the Class of 2002 to the MIT communities that follow. Constructed with limestone recovered from the Great Dome.“
  • Location: the Peace Garden was originally going to built in the narrow space between building 16 and 26-100; it’s now been slightly moved (click here to view the map) to increase accessibility (large boulders block entry to the original site especially for wheelchairs), to deal with structural issues(there was a large vent located in original site that could not be moved since it’s part of MIT’s steam system), to increase privacy (original site looked into classrooms and offices), and to make the Peace Garden more visible (the new site looks over the new green space between Stata and the Koch buildings  – what used to be parking lot that housed the food trucks – giving the garden a better view, attracting more people as they walk by, and making it feel more open and inviting).
  • Benches: two benches constructed of upcycled limestone from the Great Dome.
  • Plants: used existing plants, and used plants purchased for MIT 150.
  • Fountain: an active fountain made with re-used Great Dome limestone.
  • Lighting: may be added at a later date, pending MIT approval (MIT is trying to reduce its light pollution so need extra approval).
MIT Class of 2002 Peace Garden
MIT Class of 2002 Peace Garden
MIT Class of 2002 Peace Garden Plaque
The MIT Class of 2002 Peace Garden
a wish for peace from the Class of 2002 to the MIT communities that follow

For information on the history of the Peace Garden’s design, click here.