Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: Strategies for Success

Artificial Intelligence, an Exponential Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world and reshaping how we live and work. AI can analyze vast amounts of data, automate tasks, and make predictions — and this has unlocked unprecedented opportunities for innovation and efficiency.

AI has the potential to revolutionize every aspect of our lives —from healthcare and education to manufacturing and entertainment. Nothing will be left untouched.

AI is an exponential technology. That means, in each period it doubles in capability or performance — and perhaps on the flip side, it halves in cost in each period. In other words, exponential technology progresses at such a rapid rate that it can be challenging for humans to comprehend. Humans can intuitively understand linear growth patterns, but we struggle to anticipate the exponential scale of impact over time. This means AI is improving so rapidly that humans are likely to dismiss or dismiss the potential impact — underestimating the transformative capabilities and societal implications it holds.

It is undeniable that AI has the potential to drive progress and solve complex problems. Which is why businesses, governments, educators, and individuals alike are adapting and embracing AI capabilities for a brighter future.

People who choose to enhance their capabilities with AI will replace those who refuse to use AI.

Which path will you select in this choose-your-own-adventure journey?

Are you an entrepreneur or business leader wondering how to start using AI?

Or a school leader of educator interested in using AI in and out of the classroom?

I have some resources to help.

AI for Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs

Business leaders must understand the transformative potential of AI to drive innovation and efficiency in their organizations. By leveraging AI technologies, businesses can optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, gain valuable insights from data, and more.

While leaders must dive in to figure out how best to use AI to empower their workers and organizations, they must also grapple with the ethical implications and potential biases associated with AI systems to ensure responsible deployment and decision-making. Fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation is essential in this evolving landscape of AI.

Embracing AI strategically enables businesses to stay competitive and future-ready in an increasingly digital world.

AI for Educators and School Leaders

Educators must grasp the fundamentals of AI, including its functions and limitations, to effectively integrate it into the classroom. Start by understanding AI’s reliance on data and potential biases, its impact on industries and the workforce, and ethical considerations.

Educators can empower students to navigate the AI-driven world responsibly by fostering a nuanced understanding.

Click here to view my comprehensive guide to AI in education (working draft) which includes links to AI curriculum resources, a toolkit for students eager to start an AI Club, tips for overcoming resistance, and ideas for redesigning assignments and assessments.

AI Resources

Not sure how to start using AI?

Here are some resources to help you get started.

Yolanda Lau

Since 2010, Yolanda Lau has been focused on preparing knowledge workers, educators, and students for the future of work. An experienced entrepreneurship consultant, advisor, and Forbes Contributor, she is an MIT-educated engineer (with an MBA) who has taken graduate-level coursework towards a Masters of Science in Artificial Intelligence.

Yolanda is also an educator, writer, and speaker. She has developed and implemented AI curriculum — and other curriculum to prepare students for the future of work — and has used AI to develop curriculum.

Hawai‘i Center for AI

Yolanda Lau is also a Founding Board Member of the Hawai‘i Center for AI.

Hawai‘i Center for AI, a non-profit organization, envisions a future in which all of Hawaiʻi’s residents have access to AI technology that effectively and safely serves their individual and collective well-being. Hawai’i Center for AI promotes the beneficial use of AI to empower individuals, communities, and industries throughout Hawai‘i.

HCAI is committed to understanding the ways AI will help grow the state’s economy, help our institutions evolve, and transform our society. Through collaboration, education, and service, HCAI drives research, innovation, and community partnerships to build a sustainable, prosperous, and policy-driven future for Hawai’i.